flipbook (undefined description). General. Chart is primarily a key to symbols and abbreviations used on Admiralty and International paper charts compiled by the. UKHO (United Kingdom. Chart is primarily a key to symbols and abbreviations used on Admiralty and This edition of Chart is based on the "Chart Specifications of the IHO" .

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    Chart 5011 Pdf

    unit of depth used is shown in the chart title and in the border of the chart in bold type. Drying Heights-On rocks and banks that cover and uncover, the elevations. Chartpdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Chart - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

    Earlier ones may be required to correct a volume ofAdmiralty List of Lights approaching its re-publication Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts. The supplier of the outfit will state the number of the last Notice to Mariners to which it has been corrected. Chart management system A system is required to keep an outfit of charts up-to-date. It should include arrangements for the supply of New Charts. New Editions of charts and extra charts, as well as new editions and supplements ofAdmiralty Sailing Directions and other nautical publications, if necessary at short notice.

    Mounts Fj. Ite Islote. Small town Di. Liten Little. Key Lag. Mlle Muelle Mole Pta. Holy Pta. Prv Proliv Channel. Cabo Cape I. Surgo Surgidero Anchorage. Holy Hn. Muntii Gla. Headland Mal Malyy.

    Ensa Enseada Bay. G a Guba Gulf.

    Chart Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Paper Charts

    Arm Roadstead of the sea Tr. Bo Bajo Shoal Fund. Pol Poluostrov Peninsula Adc. Esto Estuario Estuary Arrf. Canal Channel L. Mo Morro Headland.

    Large V. Pa Praia Beach Mu. Mountain Pr. Inlet St. Restinga Shoal. Esto Estuario Estuary NS. Khao Hill. Holmarna Islet S. Our Lady Fond. Arr Arrecife Reef Fte. Mountain Gav. Bk Bank Bank Mt. Ansa Cove Sr. Cordilheira Mountain range Queb. Mountain Estu. Ftza Fortaleza Fortress Bo. Hd Huvud Headland Sf. Montanha Mount. Sa Sierra Mountain range B.

    Pto Porto Port Gde. Pequena Small Mte. La Laguna Lagoon Ens. Ra Roca Rock S. Lacu Lake Bk. Point Kam. Inlet A. Bk Banka. Eastern S. Lago Lake Cer. Gora Mountain. Co Cerro Hill L. Lago Lake Pco. Cta Caleta Cove I. Hill Estr. Mte Monte. Creek Mol. Estrecho Strait Mt. Ra Rocha. Stor Great. Gde Grande Great Pal. Golfo Gulf P. Pa Playa Beach Prom.

    Esto Esteiro Creek. Va Villa Villa. Sta A. Gde Grande Great C. Basin L. Esto Estero Creek. Fondo Fondeadero Anchorage Fte. Hill Peq Pequeno. Burnu Point. Norra North. Pta Punta Point Sa. Banki Bank s Y. Pda Pedra Rock Mor.

    Ensa Ensenada Bay. Fte Fuerte Fort Senhora G. Tre Torre Tower C. Island Gr. O va Ostrov. Bu Burun. Cape Zal. Passo Passage. La Laguna Lagoon Pda. Yt Yttre Outer Bol. Ravine Va. Pta Ponta Point Na. Ilhas Island s Can.

    Ravine P. Pals Palheiros Fishing village I. Berget Mountain L. Fundeadouro Anchorage Bco. Rochedo Rock Pl. Lagoa Small lake. Small D. De Dere. Luka Harbour. Te Tepe. Veliko Yad. Sv Sveti. Brda Mountain s Gr. Tepesi Hill. Great T. Hridi Rock L. Zal Zaliv. River U. Prolaz Passage Ky.

    Chart 5011

    Zaton Gulf. Bay Sveto Saint. Otoci Island s Isk. Grebeni Rock. Stream Malen Dz. Li Liman. Holy Lim. Deresi Valley. Peak Veliki.

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    Reef N. Deniz Sea O. Deep--draught M Ht Height — Bns Beacon s M Ft Fort E Fd Fjord O5 BM. Fl fl. Hr Higher — Di. Hd Headland G8 dest destd.

    Dns Dn Dolphin s F 20 Signals dr dr. Range Degaussing Range N P Coastguard station T ga. Castle E G 64 ft ft Foot. Bay O4 F Fixed light P E 11 Gc Glauconite Jp ch.

    Cupola E Dries Kb Am Amber P Experl Experimental O 92 Aug August — explos explos. Group--occulting Iight P Destd Destroyed O 93 Hn. Channel O 14 Gl. Esty Estuary O 17 Astr. Group--flashing light P Cemy Cemetery E 19 G. Govt Ho Government House — chk. Great Trigonometrical — const constn.

    P 13 Cath.. Cn Cinders Jn GpOcc. G 66 Gt. Gulf O3 CG C. Cape G7 Fr. Bollard F a. Grt Great — conspic Conspicuous E2 G. Cathedral E Apprs Approaches O 22 E. Anche Anchorage O 21 dwt Deadweight tonnage — Anct. Hospl Hospital F Headway D Fm Farm G 53 Bol Boll. G fm. Ck Chalk Jf Gp. Covers Kc Gy.

    Baty Battery E Alt Alternating light P Flashing light P Fog signal station R1 Bu Bl. Promt Prominent Od L. Magz Magazine — Qz. Pk Peak G 25 L. MHHW M. High Water Full and — min min. Orange P Knot s B F 40 kn kn. Longitude B2 Pass. Mean Tide Level Hc irreg.

    Lr Lower P 23 Pk. Office G 72 Or Or. Le Ledge O 28 ord. Kilometre s B Middle — H. Notice s to Mariners — IUQ lnterrupted ultra quick. T 21 MSL M. O 8 Obsy. L 43 Lag. Occulting light P Quick-flashing light P Private P Irregular — ISLW.

    Penla Peninsula G4 Lr. High Water Ha Mid. Ordnance Datum Hd Lat Lat. Observation Spot B 21 Obsn Spot. Promy Promontory G 20 Springs prov. Little — Oz.

    The Quick Guide to ENC Symbols

    Sea Mile s B H Obs Spot. Lifesaving station — Pm. Mont Monument E 24 Mony. P 13 Pyl Pylon D 26 mad. It Island. River — Fl lnterrupted very quick. Pagoda E 14 Long Long. Magnetic B 61 Qr Quarter — Magz.

    Lagn Lagoon G Ldg Landing place F 17 P. Metre s B Position approximate B7 LoLo Load--on. Projd Projected O 80 Change prom promt. Low Water Ordinary — Prom.

    North B9 Iso Isophase light P Mt Mountain. P 14 Pt. R 20 in. Low Water Full and — proj projd.. Load--off — Pag Pag. Diffuser K Interrupted quick-flashing P High Water Ordinary — Ml. South--east B 14 Sem. Radar conspicuous object S5 U Unwatched. FI Very quick-flashing light P Rds Roads. St Saint G 54 Whis Whis. T 14 v vol Volcanic J 37 Refl Refl. Second s of time B Scanner E Uncovers Kd Ra.

    Retroreflecting material Q6 Va. E 20 Street G Sta Sta. Strait O 11 subm submd. Ruins D 8. Stn Station D 13 Stm. Telegraph G 95 temp tempy. Volcano G 26 Rly. School Gb SD S. West B 12 R. Spire E Signal R 1. Radar Reflector Q Radar M Rf Reef O 26 Vel Vel. Storm Signal Station T 28 Str. Rk Rock G 11 vis.

    Rocket station — W w White J ae. Unexamined la Ra. Coast TV Tr T. Repd Reported l3 var Varying — Rf. Velocity — RG Ro D. F 53 t Elevation of top of trees C 14 Tel Tel.. P 54 Tr Tr Tower E Yacht Club U4 Sc. Q 26 Co Coral J Q I Bo Boulder s J 9. Q 80 BnTr Beacon tower P 3. T 14 Y Amber P Tonne s or tonnage B F 53 Obstn Obstruction K Q 3 RoRo Roll-on.

    Q S 15 Abyssal plain. O6 Camping site. F 19 Chemical pipeline. D Deciduous woodland. G 81 Cobbles. O 49 Brick kiln. B a Area. A 16 Cultural features. B 23 scale. S 5 Anchorage area. G Colour of beacon. G route. T 25 Colour of lights. N 48 buoyant. I 31 overhead.

    F K 17 Coast radar station. E 2 Anchorage.

    G 64 Creek. U 2 Chemist. G Clearing line beacons. J h Cement works. C 3 anchorage. D 27 slope. D O 47 Approach. G Cay. D 21 Daytime light. G 39 Amber. C 12 Area to be avoided. G Conifer. Q a Cinders. J m Chart. T 1 Clay. J 38 line. O 45 height contour.

    P 5 Conspicuous. G Cardinal marks. S 13 Anchor berth. I 23 Cutting. Q Consol beacon. U 12 Customer Information. E 16 Commercial port. A 10 isolated marks. G 38 yard. E 19 meter. A 6 Bay. H 20 Danger Bearing. F 42 drying. M 27 Boulder. L 15 Canal distance mark. U 29 Corner coordinates. D 26 Deciduous tree. G 37 Container harbour. A 9 Avenue. B 54 Acknowledgement.

    G Artificial island. G 6 Candela. L 22 Decimetre. G 14 Beacon. O 37 Breakwater. N 11 Chemical dumping ground. U 6 safe vertical. O a Breakers. N a Buoyed. K 12 Cargo transhipment area. F 43 Cathedral. Q 21 radar. A c Automatic Identification System Cape. F 44 tower. If there is no room follow the process above for a 'replacement symbol'. Document the corrections applied. Check your work and make a note of the Notice to Mariner Number and Year in the bottom left hand corner of the chart, so any reader knows the last correction applied.

    If you decide that a correction does not apply to your vessel, making a note of the correction number on the chart will save re-checking at a later date. Notice to Mariners - Example below: The title in bold is the NM number, the geographical area, a region or port and the type of correction.

    The second line gives the text of the correction, with instructions on the update. The Notes contain any relevant further information. Older charts may show fractions of fathoms in depths of 10 fathoms or less, and a few large-scale charts show all depths in feet. On adopted or co-produced charts these ranges may vary. Drying heights Underlined figures on rocks and banks which uncover indicate heights above chart datum.

    They are given in metres and decimetres or in feet as appropriate. The position of a height is normally that of the dot alongside it, thus Parentheses are used when the figure expressing height is set apart from the object eg when showing the height of a small islet.

    Clearance heights may be referred to a higher datum than other heights. In such cases this will be stated in the Explanatory Notes. Bearings Bearings are given from seaward and refer to the true compass.

    Sea Miles A sea mile is the length of one minute of latitude locally, and is the principal means of expressing distance on Admiralty charts. Names Names on Admiralty charts are spelt in accordance with the principles and systems approved by the Permanent Committee on Geographical Names for British Official Use.

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