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Hard Times by Charles Dickens. No cover available. Download; Bibrec Download This eBook Project Gutenberg offers 59, free ebooks to download. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. A bitter and scathing satire on the belief in "Facts, nothing but Facts" in education, the results developed in a tale of deep and pathetic interest.

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Hard Times Ebook

Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Appraises English society and highlights the social and economic pressures of the times. Thomas Gradgrind, a wealthy, retired. Hard Times. Charles Dickens. First published in This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at The Standard Ebooks edition of Hard Times: A wealthy man in the industrial north of England raises his children on purely rational principles, with unfortunate.

Charles Dickens Excerpt: Thomas Gradgrind, sir. A man of realities. A man of facts and calculations. A man who proceeds upon the principle that two and two are four, and nothing over, and who is not to be talked into allowing for anything over. Thomas Gradgrind, sir—peremptorily Thomas—Thomas Gradgrind. With a rule and a pair of scales, and the multiplication table always in his pocket, sir, ready to weigh and measure any parcel of human nature, and tell you exactly what it comes to. It is a mere question of figures, a case of simple arithmetic. You might hope to get some other nonsensical belief into the head of George Gradgrind, or Augustus Gradgrind, or John Gradgrind, or Joseph Gradgrind all supposititious, non-existent persons , but into the head of Thomas Gradgrind—no, sir!

Why is it so easy for Joe and Biddy to forgive Pip after he had neglected them for so many years? Should Joe have been angry that Pip spent so much time visiting Magwitch after he was captured, when he never kept up his visits to Joe like he had promised?

Hard Times

Though Estella is able to eventually see the goodness in werewolves, she never changes her opinion of vampires. Why do you think she can pardon and accept most Scapegraces and still seek vengeance against vampires? Have you read Great Expectations before? If so, how did the supernatural version compare to the classic?

What remained the same in this new version of the story? What changed? If not, choose Great Expectations for your next book club pick. Grave Expectations is a literary mash-up—where a fictional classic is retold in present day or with mythical substitutions.

Try creating a literary mash-up of your own with your book club.

Pick a favorite classic and retell the story as though it took place in the present day or with some supernatural characters. The more imaginative, the better! Legends of werewolves and vampires have been carried down through the centuries.

Stream audiobook and download chapters

He is a veterinary surgeon, a farrier, and horsebreaker. Give me your definition of a horse. Gradgrind, for the general behoof of all the little pitchers. Bitzer, yours. For, the boys and girls sat on the face of the inclined plane in two compact bodies, divided up the centre by a narrow interval; and Sissy, being at the corner of a row on the sunny side, came in for the beginning of a sunbeam, of which Bitzer, being at the corner of a row on the other side, a few rows in advance, caught the end.

But, whereas the girl was so dark-eyed and dark-haired, that she seemed to receive a deeper and more lustrous colour from the sun, when it shone upon her, the boy was so light-eyed and light-haired that the self-same rays appeared to draw out of him what little colour he ever possessed.

His cold eyes would hardly have been eyes, but for the short ends of lashes which, by bringing them into immediate contrast with something paler than themselves, expressed their form.

Hard Times, by Charles Dickens: FREE Book Download

His short-cropped hair might have been a mere continuation of the sandy freckles on his forehead and face. His skin was so unwholesomely deficient in the natural tinge, that he looked as though, if he were cut, he would bleed white.

Forty teeth, namely twenty-four grinders, four eye-teeth, and twelve incisive. Sheds coat in the spring; in marshy countries, sheds hoofs, too.

The author takes All four parts of the popular tale including: Somerset Maugham.

Despite having led a difficult childhood as an orphan, Philip Carey becomes a successful man. Join Now Login. Click to Preview. Charles Dickens Downloads: Read Five eBooks Free!

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