Technical seminar topics for eee pdf


    4 days ago Updated List of Latest Electrical Engineering Technical Seminar Topics, Seminar Ideas in Download the Powerpoint Presentations, PDF. Collection of seminar topics for electrical engineering pdf. Download full seminar topics for electrical engineering pdf in doc, pdf or ppt format. Fantastic Collection Of Latest Electrical & Electronics (EEE) Seminar Topics, IEEE Presentation, PDF, DOC and PPT For Electrical and Electronics Engineering. electronics seminar topics technical seminars, electrical seminar topics blog.

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    Technical Seminar Topics For Eee Pdf

    Explore Seminar Topics for Electrical Engineering PDF, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Seminar Topics , Latest EEE Seminars. topics for seminars electrical and electronics engineering __ Electrical - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Electrical Engineering . Dust collection & scrubing tech E H V transmission lines Earth leakage circuit breaker Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Ecommerce Effect of Under. electrical engineering seminar topics,latest seminar topics for freshers Questions,Class Notes,Seminor topics,Lab Viva Pdf free download.

    Brain Machine Interface Seminar Topic Introduction to brain machine interface: In this paper, we will see how the brain machine interface is made and how the capabilities of the human being can be extended. We will about the advantages of using brain machine interface and the problems faced by this. The capabilities of a human being are limited and a capability of a machine is higher but it cannot think of its own. Research is going on for making a machine to interface with the brain by which the capabilities of a human being are far extended. Brief on brain machine interface: The human brain takes decisions based on the impulses generated in the body and in a human body we find millions of neurons which generate impulses. So a chip is designed and it is placed in the human body and it is made to integrate with the nerve fibers. The chip is interfaced with a remote computer outside. The chip senses the impulses generated in the body and performs the tasks with the help of the remote computer or the server located outside. The chip is designed by using nano technology and it is constructed in such a way that it can generate the power required for it through heat generated in the body or by the flow of blood circulation. The chip has successfully placed a body of professor in a university and he could control the appliances without lifting his hand from a given range. Proposed Brain Systems in Future: The proposed brain machine interface chip can be very helpful to make the organisms to work properly for the paralyzed patients.

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    Technical Seminar Topics for Electronics and Communication

    Download full Electrical Engineering seminars topics in doc,pdf or ppt format for final year Electical Engineering and Diploma Electrical studetns. Adaptive optics is a new technology which is being used now a days in ground based telescopes to remove atmospheric tremor and thus provide a clearer and brighter view of stars seen through ground based telescopes. Without using this system, the images obtained through telescopes on earth are seen to be blurred, which is caused by the turbulent mixing of air at different temperatures..

    Preferred Tags: In this model we show that how we can generate a voltage from the busy traffic. Conversion of the mechanical energy into electrical energy is widely used concept. We have used that simple concept to the project. We connect one mechanical rod with the dynamo and fit this rod on the surface of the road.

    When any vehicle moves from this roller then due to friction, vehicle Rotate the rod or roller and roller then move the dynamo. When dynamo move then it generates a voltage and this voltage now connects to the bulbs.

    Best Seminar Topics with PPT

    In actual practice with the help of this voltage we will charge the battery and then we use this voltage to light the small bulb. Renewable energy can be used to decrease global dependence on natural resources, and tidal power can be the primary form of renewable power utilized.

    The idea behind the seminar system is to familiarize student more extensively with the methodology of their chosen subject and also allow them to interact with example of practical problems.

    Mobile train radio communication 2. Paper battery 3. Smart antenna for mobile communication 4. Smart note taker 5. Embedded web technology 6. Low energy efficiency wireless 7. Communication network design 8. Seminar on artificial passenger 9.

    Seminar Topics For Electrical Engineering Pdf

    Blue eyes technology Touch screen technology Traffic pulse technology Pill camera Night vision technology Space mouse Nano-technology Global positioning system and its application Tsunami warning system Smart dust core architecture Advanced technique for RTL Debugging Optical fiber communication Digital image processing Embedded system Electronic watchdog Telephone conversation recorder Aeronautical Communications Agent oriented programming Air cars Animatronics Artificial Eye Augmented reality Automatic Teller Machine Autonomic Computing BIBS Bi-cmos technology Bimolecular Computers Bio-magnetism Biometric technology Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks Boiler Instrumentation Brain-Computer Interface Bluetooth technology Future generation wireless network Bluetooth based smart sensor network.

    White LED Gesture recognition using accelerometer Cellular digital data packet Telecommunication Network PPT Application of Swarm Robots Embedded Systems B.

    Future Satellite Communication B. Storage area network The making of quantum dots The mp3 standard Thermal infrared imaging technology Turbo codes Ultra wide band technology Virtual Reality Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks Web based remote device monitoring Organic electronics Packet Cable Network Packet Switching chips Personal Area Network Printable RFID circuits Mesh Radio Microelectronic Pills Military Radars Android Control of environment parameter in a green house Home based wireless work monitoring system Sun tracker PC interfaced voice recognition system Cyber security Big data visualization Interactive public display Next generation mobile computing Multicore memory coherence Renewable Energy Source Biomass Matter Energy Fusion Technology Electronic Ballast Radial Feeder Protection Solar Tower Technology Electric Locomotive Reactive Power Consumption in Transmission Line Flexible A.

    Transmission Arc Furnace Feeder Protective Relay Hydrogen The Future Fuel Quality of electrical power Phase Locked Loop Architecture of an Electric Vehicle Switch Yards Flexible Photovoltaic Technology Vector control Of Induction Motor Uninterrupted Power Supply Protection of Distribution System Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters Nano Fuel Cell Hybrid Electrical Vehicles HVDC Converter CT scanning Extra high voltage transmission lines Feeder protection Electrical vehicle Energy conversation by soft start Dust collection and scrubbing tech DSP on motor control Earthquake leakage circuit beaker

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